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If you’re looking to learn more about our product lines, including our SaberDrive, TorqueMaster, and HangMaster brands, you’re in the right place. From details about our designer keys program to information about our various display options, Midwest Fastener is committed to providing partners – and potential partners – with ample documentation. We firmly believe that a well-informed partner is a successful partner. To learn more about a specific program, product line, or merchandising topic, download a spec sheet from the options below.

File Size
TorqueMaster Concrete
97.0 KB
TorqueMaster Large Diameter Concrete Screw ICC
637.1 KB
TorqueMaster Large Diameter Concrete Anchor Tech Sheet
1.0 MB
TorqueMaster High Strength Anchoring Adhesive Evaluation Report
1.4 MB
Crocodile Anchors
90.5 KB
BlueHammer Anchors
150.8 KB
Blue Wedge Specs
280.9 KB
BlueWedge Anchor ICC
435.8 KB
Blue Wedge Anchor Tech Sheet
449.9 KB
SaberDrive - Construction Lag Page 1
83.6 KB
SaberDrive - Construction Lag Page 2
91.9 KB
SaberDrive - Timber Screws
83.4 KB
SaberDrive - Hex Lag - Ledger Board
90.6 KB
Coating by Brand Spec Sheet
129.9 KB
ICC ESR-4214 SaberDrive
305.5 KB
SaberDriver Platinum Ledger Board Fastening Technical Bulletin
760.6 KB
SaberDriver Platinum Multi-Ply Beam Connection Technical Bulletin
629.7 KB
LBM Fastener Essentials 8' Construction Fastener Plus Display
419.7 KB