SaberDrive construction fasteners

Interior and exterior construction fasteners featuring secure, serrated threads.

Watch SaberDrive Video

SaberDrive construction fasteners save a tremendous amount of time and money. Engineered with heavy-duty project needs in mind, they incorporate a range of features that make them the most reliable and sturdy screws in the industry. Whether you’re in the market for drywall screws, structural fasteners, decking screws, or other crucial fastener products, SaberDrive is a proven, customer-trusted option. As a consumer-recognized brand name, SaberDrive displays command attention. Available in a range of preset options, they can be displayed in tubs, mobile carts, hanging packs, and more. If your customers demand the absolute highest quality, give them a known, trusted option: SaberDrive.

Benefits of SaberDrive

  • Star drive reduces cam-out
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Exclusive XL1500 coating
  • Tested under the toughest conditions to outlast all others
  • Unique serrated thread for secure fastening
  • Screws are case hardened for true strength