HangMaster Picture Hangers

Bright, exciting, and easy to stock, HangMaster is a time-tested picture hanging display option.

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HangMaster packaging and colors make shopping an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. Designed to simplify the selection process, HangMaster’s hanging packs are color coded to allow for more consistent stocking and, more importantly, easier shopping. Placed at eye level, the packaging allows for additional instructions and product information, including trilingual descriptions. In many cases, HangMaster packaging has been shown to increase sales up to 20%, simply due to its location, vibrancy, and the clarity of the packaging. If you’ve been looking for a way to get the most out of your display space, a way to boost your fastener sales, or a way to provide a more satisfying customer experience, HangMaster is a surefire solution.  Learn more about Hangmaster here.

Benefits of HangMaster

  • Bright, attention-grabbing colors
  • Displayed at eye level
  • Information-rich packaging
  • Trilingual packaging
  • Pre-labeled and pre-priced
  • Reusable containers