The industry’s premier fastener supplier

Midwest Fastener has a proven history of helping customers grow their businesses.

Since our founding in 1967, Midwest Fastener Corp has strived to earn the respect and loyalty of our customers by being the best at what we do: fasteners. As the industry’s premier fastener supplier, we continually seek to expand our focus by being the best at merchandising, customization, and building fastener destinations. Our success is evident by the number of industry awards that we have accrued but, more importantly, by our ever-expanding family of customers.

Founded as a private, family-owned corporation, Midwest Fastener has a strong family spirit throughout our workforce. We work hard to help independent hardware stores succeed and are proud of our family heritage. We remain steadfastly committed to upholding the values that have made us one of the industry’s most successful fastener suppliers. More than anything, we know that our growth depends on your success and aim to grow our company one fastener aisle at a time.