Dual-Slide and Find-it-Fast

Easier to shop, easier to stock, and easier to sell.

To complement Find-it-Fast put-away codes and to help differentiate an ever-growing mix of assortments, Midwest has introduced new assortment boxes, completely customized and color-coded for their respective categories. This will help with put-away, shopping, and overall aesthetics as the merchandising features more complete color-blocks for each category. New assortment boxes also feature a measuring ruler closer to the product and the ability to be used with our new Dual-Slide Racking System, which allow for five additional assortments in the same footprint. Able to be stocked faster, found quicker, and shopped easier, Dual-Slide and Find-it-Fast displays are a great way to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Dual-Slide and Find-it-Fast

  • Put-away numbers allow stock people to restock quickly
  • Color-coded product categories make shopping easy
  • Stylish, eye-catching aesthetics complement your store’s design
  • Detailed product descriptions inform and educate customers
  • Display more items in the same amount of space
  • Put-away system allows you to find missing assortments swiftly